Bringing the Family Together

Stuffed animal dinosaurs playing a board gameAggravation. Not a word one would normally want to associate with warm, loving family get-togethers. When I was growing up, my family LOVED aggravation. The board game, I mean. My family would often sit down at the table and play games, and the game of Aggravation was often first on the list, complete with a custom wood board built by my grandfather. It was fantastic family bonding time over a game that all of us could play.

In recent years, technology has started to take over these moments, with people often more engrossed in their smartphones than in interacting with the people around them. To fight this trend, many families and groups of friends have started playing board games instead. This gives everyone a common topic of conversation and encourages interaction. This trend has given rise to an explosion of new board games in the last decade or so; games for all ages and interests.

Sitting around a table with your family to play a board game is nothing new, and the benefits are certainly not new to those of us who grew up in a family who played games. The classic games that were available back then won’t always keep the attention of kids or young adults these days, however – the pull of technology is too strong. Board game designers have become more sophisticated, adding complexity and depth that games like Monopoly didn’t have, or combining elements that adults will enjoy with simple gameplay that kids can understand.

All of this means more ways to knock your opponents’ pieces off the board, steal their cards, or get to the finish line first. With all the new games out there, it also means you want to try out the game before you buy it, or at least talk to someone who is knowledgeable about games and can match one to your family. This is a big part of what we do with our game department at Hall of Toys: we play the games we sell, and more importantly offer you tables and chairs so you can sit and play. Our children take their jobs as Junior Toy Testers seriously and they help us make sure the games we bring in are fun to play.


Let Hall of Toys help you plant fun family memories of sitting around a table playing a game. With everyone coming together for the holidays, now is the time to pick out some new games to shake things up and get people off their phones. So come in, let us help you pick out some games to play, and start making some memories!