Programs at Hall of Toys

We've put together a collection of programs and events to offer you a unique experience:

Birthday Buckets

A fun way for kids to pick out the toys they want and get a birthday gift certificate out of the deal, and an easy way for gift-givers to know they are buying things the child wants.

VIP Program

Our loyalty program gets you some cool perks like access to invitation-only events and advance notice on other store events.


We've put together some programs to help you raise money for your school, church, or organization while throwing a fun-filled event!

Toys for Tots

If your employer encourages you to participate in Toys for Tots donations, send them this link! We partner with local employers to get even more toys into the hands of kids who need them through the Toys for Tots program.

Game Nights

Enjoy an evening with old and new friends sitting around a table playing tabletop games! Bring your friends and family downtown Friday evenings, make new friends, enjoy a mix of fun card and board games.